HammondCare’s History & Mission

As an independent Christian charity, HammondCare has been serving people in need for more than 85 years. We serve people with complex health or aged care needs, specialising in aged and dementia care, palliative care, rehabilitation and older persons’ mental health. With services across the country we are recognised as a leader in quality care provision.

In building HammondCare Darlinghurst, we will draw on two decades of designing purpose-built care homes that provide compassionate support for elderly people.

This development will be based on best practice design principles, research and our experience, to provide a safe, practical and caring environment for the elderly homeless with specialised healthcare needs.

HammondCare’s model of care is at the core of its mission to improve quality of life for those in need, through care that is personalised and builds independence.

HammondCare Darlinghurst represents a return to HammondCare’s heritage of helping those in need of a home. Hammond’s Pioneer Homes (now known as HammondCare) was established in Sydney in 1932 by Anglican Archdeacon RBS Hammond in response to the eviction of inner-city, rent-paying families during the depression.

These families were provided with homes through a rent-purchase program on land now known as Hammondville, near Liverpool in Sydney.

HammondCare is committed to extending its significant experience in aged care into the area of homelessness to provide high quality, safe and holistic care to the elderly homeless in Sydney.

The model of care at HammondCare Darlinghurst will provide a strong base for research and development of the solution for aged homelessness into the future.

This project is the first step towards more services of this kind across Australia, lifting the nation’s capability to care for this vulnerable part of our community, while at a personal level restoring dignity in the life of people like Jim.

1930s – Homes for the homeless
Archdeacon RBS Hammond in the centre of a crowd applying for a Pioneer Home at Hammondville.