HammondCare Darlinghurst Project
A Solution for the Future

Central to restoring dignity for the elderly who are homeless or on the brink of homelessness is the building of a permanent home with specialised care required.

Given the complex healthcare needs of this group, innovation and best practice design in an aged-care home is vital. Both the design and the staff of this ground-breaking venture will foster a non-institutional and home-like environment for 42 residents of HammondCare Darlinghurst. Each of the four floors will be its own home, based around a domestic kitchen. Each floor will be carefully profiled according to the different care needs of the residents.

The model of care for HammondCare Darlinghurst will draw on HammondCare’s expertise in residential aged care, dementia care and psycho-geriatric care. This is all within a framework that is personalised and maximises independence.

Case and clinical care managers will oversee resident care, supported by a multi-skilled team of health professionals including nurses, GPs and allied health practitioners. Staff will be trained to provide care specifically for the needs of the elderly who have been homeless, including trauma informed care, dementia behaviours and mental health care.

We will support residents’ care needs as they increase rather than sending them elsewhere – this will be their permanent home.

Today there is nothing like HammondCare Darlinghurst in Sydney. With the support of HammondCare’s compassionate supporters, we can provide a solution for generations to come.

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Homelessness & the Elderly
Common myths

Myth 01


People who are homeless have chosen this life.

Homelessness is more often the result of unavoidable circumstances such as family breakdown, domestic abuse, illness or financial hardship.

Myth 02


Homeless elderly people are men.

Tragically, 35% of the elderly who are homeless are women.1 Data shows it is elderly women who are increasingly at risk of homelessness today.

Myth 03


All elderly homeless people are alcoholics.

Some homeless people have issues with alcohol or drug dependency. But this is not the majority. Stigmatising people only worsens their plight.

Myth 04


It could never happen to me or my family.

No-one is immune from becoming homeless. One unfortunate event such as a marriage breakdown or an accident can lead to a ‘domino effect’ and homelessness.