Falling through
the cracks

Tonight over 15,000 elderly women and men across Australia are without a place to call home and this number is growing. Crisis beds are full, services have growing caseloads and many people are falling through the cracks. Inner Sydney alone has close to 500 vulnerable elderly people who are homeless - the highest concentration in Australia. Many of the aged homeless also have complex healthcare needs and are suffering with serious mental and health conditions including chronic disease, dementia or significant frailty.

Currently there are no services in Sydney able to offer higher levels of care for people with specialised healthcare needs as well as permanent accommodation. These women and men are extremely vulnerable and forgotten. Everyone deserves to lead a dignified life, especially in their later years – but how do you maintain your dignity with nowhere to call home?

A first for Sydney

An aged-care home with 24/7 specialised healthcare

Fundamental to restoring dignity for these vulnerable members of our community is the provision of a permanent home. This is why HammondCare is building the very first care home in Sydney for the elderly who are homeless or on the brink of homelessness. Given the complex healthcare needs of these people, innovation and best practice design of this aged-care home is vital. Crucially, this home will keep vulnerable citizens within their own community, and is ideally located in the centre of the city.

Hammondcare is a market leader in aged-care design that supports high care needs, especially dementia. Artists impression of HammondCare Darlinghurst

Impact of HammondCare Darlinghurst

Addresses the highest national concentration of elderly homeless

Provides a permanent home for close to 10% of the aged homeless of inner Sydney

Offers 24/7 care to meet the complex daily health needs of the residents

Frees up public hospital beds and government funds

Creates a lasting legacy by reducing homelessness for future generations

Is based on a Melbourne care home’s proven model of specialised homeless healthcare

Will partner with numerous service providers in the aged care and homelessness sectors

Restores the dignity of these vulnerable members of our community

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